Shipping and payment information

Valid from 14.04.2024
Paying for your order and purchases is safe and easy in the online store. The use of the service does not require registration. All data transfer and money transactions are SSL protected, which means that no one outside can see your data.
All credit card or bank payment information is entered directly on the Paytrail website of the bank or payment service provider.

Online store (LPS-lämpöpumpu service Oy. Business ID number 2269280-2) sells products to individuals of legal age in Finland. We reserve the right to change prices and delivery costs.

Products are ordered on the website of the online store by transferring them to the shopping cart and paying for the contents of the shopping cart at the checkout service. All customer information is treated confidentially. The contact information requested in connection with the order will not be used for anything other than the delivery of the order or for clarifying any ambiguities that arise in it. When ordering from the online store, you are required to have familiarized yourself with and agreed to the delivery conditions valid at any given time.

Payment service provider
Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) operates as the payment intermediary service provider and in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Oyj appears as the recipient of the payment on the bank statement or card invoice and forwards the payment to the merchant. Paytrail Oyj has a payment institution license.

Paytrail Oyj, business ID: 2122839-7Innova 2Lutakonaukio 740100 Jyväskylä

Bank charges
You can use the payment buttons of all Finnish banks either based on the eBanking interfaces or open banking interfaces offered by the banks. You can pay with the payment buttons of Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpanki, Osuuspanki, POP bank, Säästöpanki, S-banken and Ålandsbanken. Your bank statement shows Paytrail Oyj as the payee, we forward your payment to the online retailer. From the online store, you will be directed directly to your own bank to make the payment securely.

Credit card payments
You can pay in the online store with Visa and Mastercard (Credit and Debit) cards. The online store uses the international Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode and American Express SafeKey authentication services.

Mobile payment methods
Mobile payment methods Pivo, MobilePay and Siirto are services that work in the application, with which you can pay for online purchases as a bank transfer from your account or as a card payment from your card by accepting the payment in the respective application. Pivo also accepts Siirto payments, which means that the payment can be accepted in any application that supports Siirto. Apple Pay is a service that works on an Apple device, which allows you to pay for purchases with a payment card connected to the device.
Terms of use are available on Pivo's website.Pivo's terms of use

The terms and conditions are available on MobilePay's website.MobilePay terms and conditions

Conditions applicable to transfer payments:
OP's general euro payment terms (.pdf)

Terms of use of the transfer service at Nordea (.pdf)

Apple Pay
Terms of use are available on Apple's website.
Terms of use of Apple Pay Collector, Everyday, Jousto,

Billing payment methods

Walley Invoice/Part Payment
Flexibility and freedom of choice - pay all at once or in installments, at the pace you choose
Invoice and account credit give you more time to pay for your online shopping purchases. Using them, you can wait for your order to arrive in peace before paying for it. You can make the payment either at once with an invoice or in smaller parts with an account credit, in which case you can pay the amount that suits you best every month and spread the payment over a maximum of 36 months.
Free payment time with an invoice - safe and easy transaction
With an invoice, you always get 45 days of interest-free payment time for your online shopping. The long payment period enables you to check your purchase and, if necessary, return it before the invoice is due.
To take advantage of the payment period, you need a positive credit decision, which is easy to apply for when making a purchase. You can apply for it if you are at least 18 years old and have a Finnish social security number and a permanent, official home address in Finland. Your credit information is also checked from Bisnode Finland Oy's register.
The payment method can be used for purchases of up to €5,000.
When you have received a positive credit decision and confirmed the purchase transaction, you will receive an invoice for your purchase in your email. If you want to pay the bill in smaller parts and with a payment period that suits you better (1-36 months), you should enter into a credit agreement regarding continuous credit with Collector Bank AB by logging in to My Pages at Upon signing the credit agreement, you will be granted a credit limit that can be used for subsequent purchases in accordance with the credit terms.
When you have a valid credit agreement, you should only pay the minimum amount stated on the invoice you received by the due date, but you can also pay a larger amount if you wish. After that, you will be sent a monthly invoice by e-mail until the loan is fully paid. If you wish, you can always reduce your credit in installments larger than the minimum amount stated on the invoice.
Credit costs and credit example: In the online store, campaign conditions apply, according to which the interest on the account credit is 19.2% expressed as a nominal annual interest rate and the monthly payment is €2.95 per month (€3.80 on the first invoice). If the granted credit limit is €1,000 and it has been used in its entirety for purchases made from the MERCHANT'S NAME online store and the credit is repaid within 36 months, with the applicable campaign terms, the effective annual interest rate is 28.6%, the total amount of credit costs is €403, the total amount to be paid is €1,403 and the number of installments is 36 . Late payments will be charged with statutory reminder fees and collection costs, as well as interest for the delayed period.
Credit terms
The issuer of the invoice and credit is Collector Bank AB, organization number 556597-0513, which is the registered owner of the Walley trademark. Lilla Bommens Torg 11, Box 11914, SE-404 39. More information
You can get complete terms and information about Walley Invoice and Account Credit from the following links:
More detailed service description:
General invoicing and account credit terms:
Standard European consumer credit terms:

Alisa Yrityslasku Buying with Alisa Yrityslasku is possible with just contact information and strong identification. It is enough that we can ensure the connection between the buyer and the company he represents. The use of the payment method requires a Finnish social security number and the online banking credentials of a Finnish bank from the person making the purchase. The buyer's right to purchase is digitally verified. For this, we recommend that the buyer uses the phone number and email address provided by the company when making the purchase.
The invoice is sent by Alisa Yritylasku primarily as an online invoice, but email invoices and paper invoices are also possible. The companies' official e-invoicing addresses are already known, so choosing an invoicing address is also easy. The processing of the purchase invoice is designed to be as smooth as possible from the point of view of the business buyer, and the buyer can add to the invoice the reference information necessary for allocating the invoice.
Alisa Yritylasku offers three different payment periods: 14 days, 30 days and 60 days. The billing supplement varies depending on the selected payment period: 14 days €9.90, 30 days €19.90 and 60 days €29.90. Alisa Yrityslasku's credit limit is €5,000.
If you have any questions about Alisa Yrityslasku, please contact Alisa's customer service:• Email:• Telephone number: 0293 230 910 (Weekdays 9am-5pm, €0.1717/min)
Alisa Business invoice is made possible by Alisa Pankki Oyj.
More information about Alisa Business Invoice can be found at the following link: B2B payment method for online stores | Alisa Bank

Flexible invoice and Installment payment
Flexible invoice and Partial payment is a domestic service that allows you to make your purchases quickly and safely. Jousto is intended for individuals who have handled their financial affairs flawlessly.
With Jousto, you get 30 days of interest-free payment time. A billing surcharge of €2.90 is added to the purchase. After receiving the invoice, you can decide whether to pay it in full or in parts. With installment payments, you can pay for your purchases in up to 36 installments, starting at €9.90/month. The costs of the flexible installment are €3.90/month and a credit interest of 19.90%. You can pay for purchases of 30–3,000 euros with Jousto.
Buying with Jousto is safe. In connection with your first purchase, you make a strong electronic identification. As a returning customer, you can easily identify yourself with a one-time use code sent to your phone. In connection with every purchase, we make a real-time and automated credit decision. The payment transaction and data transfer always take place in a secure connection. The invoice will be sent by e-mail. The credit provider is Aurajoki Nordic Oy.
Read more about Jousto at Jousto - the most convenient payment method in online shopping!

OP Invoice
OP Invoice is a payment method for everyday special purchases online. It is intended for customers of all banks.
You get 45 days interest-free payment period for your purchases
Thanks to the long payment period, you can decide before paying whether you like the product you ordered.
You can pay in installments if you wish
If you wish, you can easily and uncomplicatedly switch to a monthly payment in installments. Then you can shorten the bill at your own pace.
You can easily stay in control of your situation
You will conveniently receive invoices in your e-mail and reminders by text message. In addition, we compile invoices for you in a modern online service.

A flexible way to pay for online purchases

With OP Invoice, you can make purchases of up to 5,000 euros and pay them off interest-free within 45 days. If you wish, you can split the invoice into several installments. Your purchases are shown in one place, so you can easily stay informed about the use of money. With the help of a credit limit, you can keep your consumption within the limits you want. You will receive invoices conveniently in your e-mail. In our online service, you can see information about your use of OP Invoice and the amount of your purchases. You can use OP Invoice if you are over the age of 20 and have a Finnish bank domain name. OP Invoice is a responsible payment method

Credit decisions are based on an overall assessment of solvency. In order to make an overall estimate, we ask you to state your income and debt service expenses when the OP Invoice is introduced. In addition, we check your credit information from the credit information register. This makes it easier to manage your everyday life and helps keep your finances in balance.

What does it cost to use the invoice?

An account management fee of €2.95 is added to the invoice. If you receive several invoices in the same month, you only pay one account management fee. The account management fee is not charged when you do not receive an invoice. So you only pay for the use of the OP Invoice. If you wish, you can only pay the minimum installment of the invoice, in which case the final amount is automatically transferred to the installment payment. If you pay in instalments, the annual interest rate is 19.95%.**OP Invoice is a Continuous-use credit, the effective annual interest rate for a 1,000 euro credit is 26.84%, when the interest rate on the credit is fixed at 19.95% and the account management fee is 2.95 euros per month. The estimated total cost of the loan is 1396.91 euros. The calculation is made on the assumption that the credit has been withdrawn in full, the interest on the credit as well as the payments and fees remain the same throughout the credit period and the credit is repaid in minimum installments of 27.78 euros at the end of the month, in which case the credit period is 36 months. The credit is granted by OP Yrityspankki Oyj, Gebhardinaukio 1, 00510 Helsinki.

Delivery requires a confirmed payment transaction from Paytrail Oyj.

When you pay, the transaction is created between the customer and LPS Lämpöpumpu Service Oy. The online store acts only as a marketer of products and services and delivers the products or services and handles any complaints. The recipient of the payment appears as LPS Lämpöpumpu Service Oy, which also processes complaints about payment transactions.

Depending on the brand and manufacturer, (LPS Service Oy) products have a spare parts warranty of four to twelve (4-12 months), unless otherwise stated for the product.

The warranty only covers the product (spare part). Working hours, trips or supplies required to replace the product. No payment

The products must be installed and tested in accordance with general instructions in such a way as to avoid further damage.

The warranty is NOT valid for Used, Dismantled parts and Dismantled products.

The recipient of the goods has the obligation to inspect the goods carefully.

Note The recipient must inform the carrier that delivered the shipment or the office that delivered the shipment about damage to the shipment (visible external damage) upon delivery. The damage must be described immediately. Otherwise, the recipient has accepted the shipment as it is.

The seller ( is not responsible for the fact that the ordered product is suitable for the purpose of use of the buyer or this customer.

If incorrect handling of the Product or another similar reason can be shown to be the cause of the defect, the supplier is free from liability.

All our products are subject to the manufacturer and/or importer specific warranty and service conditions.

The products must be installed and tested in accordance with general instructions so as to avoid causing additional damage or damage.

Heat pumps contain refrigerant that is harmful to the climate. Therefore, equipment containing them may only be handled by professionals who have a refrigeration qualification issued by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)

Professionalism requirements have been laid down in the law for those who perform electrical work. The construction and repair of all fixed electrical installations (electrical equipment) require the so-called electrical contracting rights (the right to do electrical work). The requirements also apply to the repair of electrical equipment


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