Air heat pump Vaillant 035


Air heat pump Vaillant 035

Product no.: LP8-035


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Air heat pump Vaillant 8-035 Flexible and comfortable ventilation

Jäähdytysteho (min.-max.)  3,5kW (0,8-3,70)
Lämmitysteho (min.-max.)  3,67kW (0,9-3,80)
SCOP                                  3,4
Äänitehotaso Äänenpainetaso  53 db(A) 
Äänitehotaso sisäyksikkö          62 db(A)
Yhdekoko neste-kaasu              1/4"-3/8"
Mitat UY KxLxS                       596*842*320mm
Mitat SY KxLxS                        289*845*209mm
Paino                                        31kg

Importer Guarantee (Vaillant) 2 years.

The new ClimaVAIR offers the ideal balance between comfort and energy efficiency. And you can enjoy a constant temperature throughout the year.

Adjustable to 8 ° C maintenance temperature

With the timer function, the pump can be shut down if necessary without home heating or cooling. This reduces energy consumption. The climaVAIR pump also has a 8 ° C maintenance temperature. This function guarantees
8 ° C, which saves energy by maintaining room temperature steady and preventing the house from being cold when it is empty.

Comfortable, reliable and easy to clean

climaVAIR uses R32 refrigerant with very low environmental impact. The Smart function timers the temperature at night. In Turbo mode, you can increase the fan speed and increase personal comfort. Advanced filters that are easy to remove and easy to clean.

ErP energy classes and. EU energy labels

 Heat AA++ ja A+    cool A++


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